Sustainability: Out-Live Out-Last Out-Reach
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Keynote: Discussion

Welcome to the Keynote Discussion area of the conference.
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This discussion will be moderated by Michael Fullan. The discussion will begin by further exploring issues introduced in the keynote address. So please take the time to read the keynote, and then please take part in the discussion.

A note on healthy on-line discussions: Everyone likes to read a lively discussion but many of you need a little encouragement to post. If everyone waits to post, there will be little to read! Multiple perspectives and opinions will certainly enrich the dialogue and all comments are welcome so please do not hesitate to add your thoughts. Come back frequently to see how the dialogue unfolds.

To get the conversation started we recommend that you think about the questions posed at the end of the keynote. They are:

  • Do you have good examples of professional learning communities in your schools?
  • Do you have good examples of professional learning communities in some school districts?
  • What are the obstacles in your jurisdiction to achieving large scale reform?
  • What strategies are you currently using which are experiencing some success?
  • If you wanted to ask one key question about educational reform, what would it be?

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