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Keynote Address

media b Introduction:
It is our pleasure to introduce Professor Michael Fullan, Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), from the University of Toronto. Michael Fullan has written extensively on the topic of educational change. He has contributed to the field of systemic reform as a consultant, trainer, researcher, and policy advisor. Michael Fullan brings an international perspective to the study of systemic reform and his keynote address draws from his current work both in Canada and in England.


The keynote address serves to give all participants a common orientation to the conference and point of departure. It will also lead to the plenary keynote discussion which will be moderated by Michael Fullan. We request that all registrants take an active role in the discussion. You may be reading this while sitting in the quiet of your office, but you should imagine a room full of colleagues listening to the keynote with you, and eager to join the discussion.

Read the address: "Large Scale Sustainable Reform"

Audio Introduction: Listen to 6 minutes of audio introduction provided by Michael Fullan

Additional resource provided by Michael Fullan (in Resource Section of the conference), Accomplishing Large Scale Reform: A Tri-Level Proposition

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