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Obstacles to achieving reform - Joni Falk

Posted by: Anne Collins
Posted on: May 05, 2002 at 4:48 PM
Reform, if it is to happen must be, in my opinion, accepted and visible within individual classrooms. The simplicity and complexity of reform rests on the shoulders of teachers. Teachers who so strongly believe that what they have been doing is the best way of teaching and absolutely and adamantly refuse to consider trying new approaches are the biggest obtacles to achieving reform. Teachers can be the biggest asset to implementing change but can also be the biggest obstacles. Until we have buy in by all teachers we will struggle with sustainability. Case in point: grade 6 teachers implement a student centered classroom, encourage inquiry and problem-solving and grade 8 teachers try but since gr 7 teachers strongly adhere to drill, practice, memorization, and symbolic manipulation students entering grade 8 are unprepared for engagement in problem-solvin and inquiry.

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