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Welcome to the Discussion - Joni Falk

Posted by: Kathryn Donald
Posted on: May 06, 2002 at 11:55 PM
Michael, 1. Please write a bit more about assessment literacy. You defined it as "ie.,
how to focus on student performance and achievement" By these words are you referring to how to effectively assess students? And/or how to learn from their outcomes about how WE are doing so that we could improve our instructional strategies?

2. Please give us an example of what you meant by "developing an action plan. "

Are you referring to action plans like these two? (Please comment on my ideas)
a. Action: alignment of student learning goals with standards, with the activites to teach them and with authentic assessment.
b. Action: learning communities that meet to discuss student outcomes in portfolios and/or standardized tests etc and how they inform us about our teaching.
It seems to me that assessment literacy leading to effective reflective practices like the two above could be the scaffolding needed to support instructional practice and a crucial foundation for sustainability.

3. What guidelines can you give us to develop this training you recommend? Readings/ research findings to learn more about this?

4. What have you learned in your work about the role of assessment literacy in change? Effective assessment?

Others please write: What have other conference participants learned?
* NOTE that this was posted after Dr Fullan wrote about "Right you are..." under the Large Scale Reform heading where it seemed lost.

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