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Posted by: Elaine Woo
Posted on: May 08, 2002 at 4:26 PM

We are in the 6th year of our 5-year LSC. We just had our Annual Retreat and called it a celebration. We had an incredible panel with a teacher, two students, a principal, a parent, some community partners and two teachers from a LASER partner district. It was very gratifying to hear their stories. Later at the event, we broke up into groups each with many stakeholders represented. Each group had several Lead Teachers They responded to the following questions:

1. What support do teachers need to help sutdents meet the standards and become scientifically literate?
a. Needs of Lead Teachers
b. Needs of all teachers in the schools

2. How can universities, businesses and industries, and community organizations continue to support these needs?

There are a number of common strands in both your keynote and reflection and the total list brainstormed. For example, there was indication that we need to pay more attention to principals. There needs to be more time. In your number 4 of your reflection, all of these issues were addressed in different words by our stakeholders.

It struck me to put the brainstormed lists together and then to reread your comments and article This is reaffirming. We also have some new ideas from you. I am looking forward to your May article in Ed. Leadership!

Thank you for your insights.

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