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Public Engagement: Addressing the political, cultural and constraining factors influencing math reform.

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The same could hold true for science - Michael Klentschy

Posted by: Margaret McCready
Posted on: May 03, 2002 at 11:45 AM
I enjoyed your "math wars" article. I have been involved in math reform for many years and have taught CMP and encourage other teachers to use it or the terc curriculum. I am currently involved in an NSF funded science project, TAPESTRIES. We are just finishing our 4th year. This project involves 2 universities (BGSU and University of Toledo)and 2 school systems (Toledo, Oh. and Springfield Local). 15 elementary teachers were selected to begin. We took a 2 week (80 hours) workshop the first summer on our specific science kits and earned 6 hours of university credit over the entire year. We have received ongoing professional development and university credit over the past 4 years. We are released from our classroom duties and teach during the summer our fellow teachers with the help of a scientist for background knowledge. We follow our teachers all year: we help them in their classrooms, have monthly meetings with them, model good teaching, and do "research lessons" with them. Every month
we help them with assignments, such as alternate assessment, higher level questioning skills, cooperative learning etc. They put in 104 hours of professional development in a year and we also can help them in any way during the life of the project. One of the big projects we worked on was aligning our science curriculum to our state standards. We also had a "gap" committee and are currently working on developing lesson plans for these gaps.


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