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Public Engagement: Addressing the political, cultural and constraining factors influencing math reform.

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Posted by: Brian Drayton
Posted on: May 01, 2002 at 11:37 AM
I look forward to seeing this discussion unfold. The three complementary papers are likely to elicit a wide range of experiences and reflections. It would be very interesting to hear not only participants' responses, but also some of the experiences or locally-felt issues that lie behind the comments and questions.
Bill's piece focuses on the importance of alignment and compromise, as different stakeholders get their voices heard. It seems to me that the standards (and related assessments) have functioned as a point of leverage and also the place where differing viewpoints can begin to work together.
Joe's piece looks at the attitudes that lie behind just such a debate -- people's deeply held feelings about the nature of education, math, and math education. These motivational levels underlying the policy talk may be the real battleground.
Carol's piece is a sobering description of how the ideological and educational struggles currently stand. The very local nature of American education is being transformed by powerful movements that are national in scope, multilayered, and probably long-lasting.
How does the "reform debate" look in your area? Where are you engaging, and what seem to be the key questions?

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