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Uses and abuses of data in professional development

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re: receptivity to data - Mike Howard

Posted by: Brian Drayton
Posted on: May 04, 2002 at 12:59 PM
Like everything else in this conference, this is a complicated issue. Fromt he point of view of long-term change, participant satisfaction actually is not a bad starting place, if it implies some change in the participants' image of what is possible for them (of course, sometimes the responses are a lot less meaningful than that). I mean, feeling successful in a stressful environment has its motivational value.
In negotiating with the various constituencies, has anyone ever asked them at the outset "Look, I want to be collecting this or that kind of data. While I'm at it, what woudl convince you that this project was making a difference?" and then shaping the design specifically to get at the person's declared "open spot"? It seems to me that in a lot of these partnerships, one or more of the partners are only partly committed, and part of the job of the systemic reform is to convince them that it's possible -- "making the case" internally as well as externally.

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