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Changing the High School System: Implementing the Interactive Mathematics Program in Arizona(AZIMP2)

abstract: AZ IMP2 is a 5-year Local Systemic Change project for 187 mathematics teachers in grades 9-12 in five Arizona school districts and schools in the Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico (UCAN) Rural Systemic Initiative. Fifty-two teachers in feeder middle schools in these areas are also targetted. This project is a collaborative effort between the unified school districts of Chandler, Sunnyside, Santa Cruz, Mingus and Sedona-Oak Creek; Maricopa County Community College; Arizona State University and the Intel Corporation to implement the NSF-supported Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) in the districts. Arizona's high school enrollment is 40% minority (i.e., Hispanic, African American, Asian American and Native American) with significant numbers of these students scoring well below the national and state scores. Since the current mathematical educational system is not working for all students, this project is instituting complete systemic change, starting with the teachers. Teachers participate in summer professional development workshops for each of the four years of the IMP curriculum led by teachers and university staff who are experienced in the curriculum. Teachers develop leadership skills to provide participating districts with an internal capacity for professional development. Middle school teachers from participating districts will receive professional development to help them better prepare students to enter the IMP classes. Teachers from schools considering the adoption of the IMP materials will take part in the professional development activities so that a more informed decision can be made. Follow-up support and learning activities occur during the school year. School teams of administrators, counselors and teachers of other subjects are formed and receive professional development to enable them to better support the mathematics teachers implementing IMP. Personnel from the three state universities will take part in the professional development activities. Additional school districts will join the project in years three and four.
staff: Matt Isom (Evaluator)
grant award #: 9634034
funding began:
funding ends:
venue type: Suburban,Rural

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