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Pittsburgh Reform in Mathematics Education (PRIME)

abstract: The Pittsburgh Reform in Mathematics (PRIME) project is part of a broad systemic initiative in Pittsburgh designed to implement standards-based instruction in all content areas. In this four-year project, PRIME supports teachers in the classroom implementation of standards-based mathematics instruction and assessment in grades K-12 through the use of exemplary instructional materials. NSF-funded and nationally validated materials have been considered for adoption, with Everyday Mathematics in grades K-3 and Connected Mathematics in grades 6-8 leading the way. Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) is a large urban district with 88 public schools that are undergoing change to site-based management. Fifty-five percent of PPS students are African -American, of whom 81% are eligible for free or reduced lunch. To ensure that all PPS students obtain the maximum benefit from the exemplary materials, every PPS mathematics teacher at every grade level is being enhanced. PRIME helps teachers attain a broad knowledge base in both the mathematics content and successful mathematics pedagogy needed in order to understand and implement the new materials successfully and integrate the use of alternative assessments into their classroom practice. As a Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement in Mathematics project, PRIME provides all Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers of mathematics with a range of activities that include multi-day summer workshops; prime-time, release-day professional development workshops; and individualized, in-class support provided by demonstration teachers and/or mathematics lead teachers within each school. By equipping all Pittsburgh mathematics teachers with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for effectively using exemplary materials and assessments, PRIME ensures that all students experience a coherent mathematics program that will yield high achievement at all levels. Teachers of grades 6-12 receive 234 hours of professional development, and teachers of grades K-5 receive 102-132 hours.
staff: Rich Mathews
grant award #: 9634048
funding began:
funding ends:

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