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Implementing Investigations in Mathematics (InMath)

abstract: This project in the area of Teacher Enhancement is a 40-month Local Systemic Change in Mathematics (LSCM) Project involving over 260 elementary teachers and administrators from six school districts in southwestern Michigan (Traverse City, Battle Creek, Lakeshore, Portland, and Vicksburg Public Schools and Holland Christian School) who have recently adopted the NSF-supported Investigations in Number, Data, and Space mathematics curriculum. The specific objectives of the project include: improving teachers' mathematical content knowledge; extending teachers' pedagogical understanding of the investigations program; fostering the development of teacher leaders from among the project participants; and supporting the schools' efforts to communicate with the community regarding issues pertaining to mathematics teaching and learning. Project activities include week-long summer workshops involving the Investigations materials, case studies, and the use of samples of student work to promote critical analysis of the ways in which elementary students engage in mathematics.
staff: Mark Jenness (Evaluator)
grant award #: 9819364
funding began:
funding ends:
venue type: Suburban,Rural

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