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Reeny Davison's Biography

media a Reeny Davison
Asset Teacher Enhancement Program

Read her Panel:
"Transitioning to a Sustainable Model: How an LSC became a viable entity to promote ongoing systemic reform"

Reeny Davison serves as Executive Director of ASSET (Allegheny Schools Science Education and Technology) Inc. and as Principal Investigator of the national Science Foundation grants which support the program. Her broad background includes a variety of experiences in education and business. She received a B.A. in German and English, as well as a secondary teaching credential in those subjects, from San Jose State University, spending the junior year at the Free University of Berlin. Following two years at McKinsey & Company, Inc. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, she began her teaching career. She taught German at a Dutch high school and Dutch and English as a Second Language at the International School of Amsterdam. After moving back to the U.S., she taught English Composition and English as a Second Language at the college level for a number of years. In 1989, she completed a Masters degree in German literature and cultural history at the University of Pittsburgh. At the same time, she received a certificate from the Linguisitics Department in teaching English as a Second Language. While at the University of Pittsburgh, she taught German, English as a Second Language and Dutch. After a year in industry, she took a teaching position at Bayer Corporation, teaching speaking, reading, and writing in German, and cross-cultural communication skills. Then she moved to an education consulting position in Corporate Communications at the beginning of the new science education program, which has since become ASSET Inc. In the last two years, she completed the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Educational Leaders at Duquesne University and received a Carlow College "Woman of Spirit" award.
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