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Susan Snyder's Biography

media a Susan Snyder
Retired from the National Science Foundation

Read her Reflections:
Susan Snyder's Reflections

Susan Snyder retired from the National Science Foundation in 2001 after 15 years as a program director and section head in the Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education. Her primary interests relate to science education in general and K-8 science education in particular. In addition, while at NSF she helped with the development of the State Systemic Initiative and the Local Systemic Change Program.

Before going to the Foundation she served for eight years as the Science Supervisor for the Maryland State Department of Education. Previously, she was a lecturer in science education at the University of Maryland, a specialist in science for the District of Columbia Public Schools and a teacher of science and mathematics for the Brookline, MA public schools.

Susanís education background includes a B.A. in General Science from Syracuse University, an MAT in Science Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a PhD in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland.

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