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Susan Snyder's Reflections

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Susan Snyder
I have enjoyed reading the papers, posters, and panel discussions of this conference. Having been away from NSF for a year, I was particularly interested to learn about the results of projects that I either funded or had heard about while I was still with the Foundation. I was impressed by the way presenters laid out their cases so that the reader could learn from their experiences and try to gain insight into the reform process. The expertise and hard work of project personnel coupled with a conviction that reform is possible have clearly made a difference in thousands of classrooms across the country. Though the conference was on sustainability, I think that most of the presenters are currently more interested in "getting it right" than keeping it going. They have learned that the magnitude of reform that was asked of the LSC projects was very difficult to achieve and the timeframe for that change probably unrealistic.

From all I read there are several areas that seem to stand out in my mind:

Finally, I would like to say that it has been fascinating to be able to attend a virtual conference. Though I miss the more personal interactions of colleagues, I have enjoyed being able to have the convenience of time and place that a virtual conference allows.

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