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Michael Howard's Biography

media a Michael Howard
WV-Handle on Science

Read his Panel:
"Using Data in Discussions of Sustainability: Some thoughts from a mid-point LSC"

Dr. Michael N. Howard is an independent contractor specializing in program development, evaluation, and technical assistance in support of mathematics, science, and technology education. He currently serves as lead evaluator for numerous state and regional-level projects, including: two NSF-funded Rural Systemic Initiatives (Appalachia and Coastal); two NSF-funded Teacher Enhancement projects (Project MERIT and Project CATS); an NSF-funded Local Systemic Change project (WV Handle on Science); and three projects funded through the U.S. Department of Education (Assistive Technology Outreach Project, Hands-on/Virtual Workshops in Physics, and Project TEACH). He regularly provides contracted assistance with development, facilitation, and evaluation activities conducted by other organizations, such as Inverness Research Associates, Horizon Research, Inc., Appalachia Educational Laboratory, and state education agencies in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Prior to becoming an independent contractor Dr. Howard was Director of Education Programs for the Kentucky Science and Technology Council, during which time he served as the Project Director for Kentucky’s NSF-funded Statewide Systemic Initiative and oversaw development of numerous teacher development programs. During this time he was also a leader of several state-level science, mathematics, and technology initiatives to implement Kentucky’s sweeping education reform legislation. He taught mathematics and chemistry at the high school and college levels, and was Coordinator of Science, K-12 for the Fayette County (KY) Public School District. Dr. Howard received both his B.S. and M.A.T. degrees from Vanderbilt University, and his Ed.D in science education from the University of Kentucky. He currently resides in Greensboro, NC.

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