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Conference Schedule

April 30th

  • Pre-conference gathering of presenting projects
  • Previewing of conference posters

May 1st-May 9th

At 9 a.m. EST the Sustainability Conference invites all Local Systemic Change projects to
  • Keynote and discussion
  • Panel discussions
  • Poster discussions
and to
  • Send instant messages
  • Send TERC your feedback


Unlike a traditional conference all the sessions, including the keynote address and keynote discussion, the poster hall, the panels, and resources will be available throughout the entire conference. It is too much to read in one day, but you can choose the order in which you engage with each of these. Every poster and panel has a discussion attached to it. The discussions are asynchronous so you can post any time of day of night. You will also be able to read posts of people who visited before you. In this way the conversation builds on itself, and will become richer as the conference progresses. So remember to return to a discussion and to see how your thought affected that of others. You can also communicate with colleagues who are on-line by sending them instant messages (located within the "Who’s Here" section of the conference). Remember to send us feedback from the Info Center to let us know how the conference is going for you.

The Keynote discussion will be moderated by Michael Fullan from May 1st to May 8th. Michael Fullan will not be available on the last day of the conference.

Discussants will post reflections on the conference beginning on May 6th, so come back to this section starting Monday.

Conference will close its doors on May 9th at midnight, EST.

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